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Все упражнения (Index)


             Adjectives and adverbs


 -ed, -ing adjectives or a verb ways to compare adjectives adjectives comparative and superlative questions with superlative form comparing adjectives ex.1
ed_vs_ing_adjectives_001 adjectives_comp_001 comp_super_1 quest_superlative_form_1 comparatives_001


adjectives VS adverbs Exercise 1. -ed, -ing adjectives common mistakes with adjective comparatives 1 strong adjectives Exercise. 1 adjectives VS adverbs Exercise 2
 adjectives_vs_adverbs_001 ed_vs_ing_adjectives_002 adjectives_comp_002 strong_adjectives_003_1 adjectives_vs_adverbs_002


adjectives VS adverbs Exercise 3 good VS well common mistakes with adjective comparatives 2 adjectives comparative and superlative 2  
adjectives_vs_adverbs_003 do_vs_well adjective_comp_003 adjectives_comp_004  

another VS other 



Exercise 1. Exercise 2 Exercises 3    
articles_m_001_01 articles_m_002 articles_003    


have VS get do VS make      
have_vs_get_001 do_vs_make_01      



First conditional

Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 First VS Zero
first_condi_matching_01 first_conditional_1 first_conditional_003 first conditional_2 first_zero_conditional_001
if VS unless Future Time Clauses      
if_vs_unless_002_m future_time_clauses_001      

Second conditional

Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Exercise 5
2nd_cond_1 second_cond_situations 2_nd_VS_1st_cond 2nd_conditional_matching_001 2nd_conditional_006

Third conditional

Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Exercise 5
3_rd_conditional_1 3_rd_conditional_2 3_rd_conditional_003 3rd_conditional_matching_001 3rd_conditional_004

Practice for all conditionals

Exercise 1 First VS Second 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd  
1st_2nd_3rd_conditional_1 1st_vs_2nd_002 1st_2nd_3rd_conditional_002 1st_2nd_3rd_conditionals_003 1st_2nd_3rd_conditionals_003_qr  


 few VS little        



          different ways of expressing Future

Exercise 1 Exercise 2      
will_goingto_will_1 will_goingto_will_2      


             gerunds & infinitives
Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2 Упражнение 3 Упражнение 4 Упражнение 5
gerunds_vs_infinitives_m_004 gerunds_vs_infinitives_002 gerund_vs_infinitives gerunds_vs_infinitives_m_003_9 gerunds_vs_infinitives_005


             have & have got
question and negative forms with have have vs have got have vs has yes/no questions "have/has" ex. 3. to have & to be
have_problem_002 have_vs_have_got_001 have_vs_has_001 question_forms 3_times_have_001 have_to_be_001
have vs have got        


Упражнение 1        


            It takes
Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
it_takes_001 it_takes_002      
             Modal Verbs

       have to

 Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2 Упражнение 3 Упражнение 4 Упражнение 5
 have_to_002 mustnt_vs_donthaveto_001 have_to_1 have_to_003 mustnt_donthaveto_haveto_001


  Упражнение 6 Упражнение 7    
  mustn't_don'thaveto_002 to_be_allowed_to_001    



can/could/to be able to can/could/to be able to      
can_etc_001 can_etc_002      


             Passive Voice

Упражнение 1

Упражнение 2

Упражнение 3

Упражнение 4

Упражнение 5

 passive_voice_1  passive_voice_2  passive_voice_3  passive_voice_003  passive_voice_004


 Упражнение 6 Упражнение 7 Упражнение 8 Упражнение 9 Упражнение 10
passive_voice_007 passive_voice_006 passive_voice_008 passive_voice_009 passive_voice_wh_questions_002


Упражнение 11        


             Phrasal verbs


Separable VS inseparable        




Упражнение 6   Depending prepositions with verbs ex. 3 Depending prepositions with verbs ex. 4 for while during
    depending_prepositions_003 depending_prep_004  




         Personal and Possesive Pronouns        

 Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
 possesive_pr_001 possesive_pr_002      

         Indefinite Pronouns        

 Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2 some VS any    
 indefinite_pronouns_001 indefinite_pronouns_002 some_vs_any_001    

Reflexive Pronouns

 Упражнение 1        


Object Pronouns

Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
him_vs_his_001 object_pronouns_001      




             Reported Speech

 Positive sentences

 Упражнение 1  Упражнение 2  Упражнение 3    
 reported_speech_1  reported_speech_2  reported_speech_anketa    

 Yes/No Questions

 Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
 rep_sp_yesno_questions_1 reported_speech_yesno_questions_002      

Специальные вопросы (Wh questions)

 Упражнение 1  Упражнение 2  Упражнение 3  Упражнение 4  Упражнение 5
 reported_speech_wh_q_001  reported_speech_wh_quest_002  reported_speech_wh_quest_003  reported_speech_wh_quest_004  reported_speech_wh_questions_01


tell VS say        


  So do I ... Nor do

 Упражнение 1  Упражнение 2  Упражнение 3    
 short_answers_001  so_neither_002  neither_so_001    



 Subject questions

 Упражнение 1.         


Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
tag_questions_001_1 tag_questions_002      



Present Simple

ex. 1 Yes/No questions ex. 2 (Do VS Does) ex. 3 (Do VS Does) ex. 4 "s" in 3rd Person Sing ex. 5 Правила добавления "s" к глаголам
questions_red_VS_blue do_vs_does do_vs_does_questions 3rd_person_sing_1


ex. 6 "s" in 3rd Person Singular ex. 7 "s" in 3rd Person Singular Ex. 8. red or blue Ex. 9. Wh- questions Ex. 10 Wh- questions
3rd_person_sing_002 3rd_person_sing_003_qr_code red_VS_blue questions_1  
Yes/no questions with/out "to be" Verb forms Negative forms

to be VS do/does

to_be_vs_verb_neg_quest_001 present_simple_verb_form_001 be_vs_do_present_simple    


Present Continuous (Progresive)

Упражнение 1 Present Continuous "to be" Exercise 2.    
present_cont_vs_present _simple_001 present_continuous_to_be_me_001 present_continuous_001    

 Past Continuous (Progressive)

Упражнение 1

Past_cont_VS_Past simple_001

Упражнение 2 


Упражнение 3  



Present Perfect

Упражнение 1

Упражнение 2

Упражнение 3

Упражнение 4

Упражнение 5

 present_perfect_002  present_perfect_001  Present_perfect_rewrite_01  present_perfect_VS_past_simple_01  present_perfect_vs_past_simple_002


Упражнение 6 Упражнение 7  Упражнение 8 Упражнение 9 Упражнение 10
 present_perfect_VS_past_simple_003 present_perfect_vs_past_simple_004 Present_perfect_questions_001 present_perfect_003 present_perfect_003


Упражнение 11 Упражнение 12      
present_perfect_since_for_1 present_perfect_vs_past_simple_m_005      

Present Perfect Continuous (Progressive)

Упражнение 1  Упражнение 2  Упражнение 3  Упражнение 4  
Present_pf_simple_VS_continuous_003 present_pf_simple_VS_continuous_001 Present_pf_simple_VS_continuous_002 Present_pf_simple_vs_continuous_004  

 Past Simple

Exercises 1 Exercises 2 Exercise 3    
was_did_001 red_vs_blue_past_simple_001 yes_no_questions_past_simple_001    

          Past Perfect

Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3    
past_perfect_002 Past_perfect_001 past_perfect_003    

 All tenses practice  

yes/no questions "to be" ex. 1. yes/no questions no "to be" ex. 2.   Present Simple VS Continuous  
question_forms 3_times_to_be_001 question_forms 3_times_no_to_be_001   present_s_vs_pr_cont_001  


Past Tenses ex. 1. Past Tenses ex. 2 Past Tenses ex. 3 Past Tenses ex. 4  
past_all_001 past_all_002 past_all_003 past_all_004  






             There is/ are; was/were; will be
Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4  
there_is_are_003 there_is_are_004 there is_are_2 there is_are_1  


             used to
Упражнение 1        


             be/get used to
Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
to_be_used_to_ing_001   used_to_doing_001      


            used to  VS be/get used to
Упражнение 1 Упражнение 2      
used_to_vs_be_get_used_to_001 used_to_vs_be_get_used_to_002        


Новости Все

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John Barrymore



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