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Индивидуальные занятия
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1. lead the way — идти во главе, быть впереди, возглавлять

If you know how to get there you will lead the way.

2. a matter of life and death — вопрос жизни и смерти

For a small business a bank loan can be a matter of life and death.

3. find faults - находить недостатки

If you look hard enough you can find faults with anyone.

4. a far cry from - вовсе не такой хороший; значительно хуже

The hotel I lived in was a far cry from what was advertised on the website.

5. every other - через один, каждый второй

The streets are so dirty that I have to wash my car every other day.

6. do one's best  - делать все возможное

I did my best to help him out with his new project.

7. cross one's mind - приходить в голову

It has never crossed his mind that his wife could have a lover.

8. be pressed for time - испытывать недостаток времени

Sorry, I can't talk now I am a bit pressed for time with all this work.

9. by hook or by crook - всеми возможными способами, не мытьем так катаньем

The government is desperate for money and will grab it by hook or by crook, even taking food from the mouths of babies.

10. blow it - упустить возможность

We started out by doing a few good things but then we blew it.

11. before long - вскоре, быстро

Before long the kids were playing together, and a friendship was established.

12. at random - случайно, случайным образом

Prize winners will be selected at random from those who bought the new model of the phone during the month.

13. be in the red - быть в долгах

Sorry, I can't lend you any money I am in the red myself.

14. bed of roses – легкая беззаботная жизнь.

If you are the boss iв doesn’t mean youк life is a bed of roses. You  have a lot of problems to solve.

15. believe it or not - xотите верьте хотите нет

Believe it or not I’ve just got the job with twice as much salary as I had before.

16. to be poles apart - быть очень далеко друг от друга, (в переносном смысле), расходиться во мнении

My wife and I are poles apart on what our son should do after he finishes his studies.

17. at first glance - на первый взгляд, сначала

At first glance the problem seemed quite simple but solving it took up a lot of time.

18. at someone’s beck and call – быть у кого-то побегушках, быть в чьем-то распоряжении

He is a big boss now and he has three secretaries at his beck and call.

19. at the expense of somebody or something - за счет кого-то или чего-то

English is going to be taught more at the expense of other subjects.

20. back to the drawing boards - начать все сначала

My plan to earn a lot of mone didn’t work so I have to go to the drawing boards again.

21. beat about the bush – ходить вокруг да около, не говорить напрямую

Stop beating about the bush and tell me what you want.

22. a bitter pill to swallow – о неприятном факте, который надо признать

It was a bitter pill to swallow that after so many years of good work she was fired without a decent pension.

23. burn the candle at both ends – много и напряженно работать не жалея себя

Those who cannot burn the candle at both ends need not apply for this job.

24. by no means – никоим образом

I am by no means going to stay in my work after April.

She is pretty but by no means beautiful.

25. to call it a day - закончит или прекратить работу.

I am not working on this project any longer. I called it a day.
So after six months of hard work we called it a day and parted forever.

 26. to coast an arm and a leg - стоить очень дорого

He bought the car he wanted but it cost him an arm and a leg.

27. to be caught between two stools - быть не в состоянии выбрать что делать

They are caught between two stools unable to choose what to do and they are getting desperate.

28. mean business - иметь серьезные намерения

We'll show those folks we mean business. We'll smoke 'em out and teach those terrorists who rules this town.

29. to be too clever by half - умничать

She is too clever by half - always the first to answer in the class.

30. to explore all avenues - испробовать все средства, использовать все возможности

She has explored all avenues to find the best way to study English but she had no luck.

31. to start from the scratch - начать все снова

If I fail this time I am not going to start from the scratch.

32. rule of thumb - закономерность, известное правило

The rule of thumb is that if the prices for oil go down then the prices in the shops go up.

33. to pull the plug - прекратить что-то делать

George pulled the plug on his last project because some of the investors withdrew from the project.

34. out of the blue - внезапно

One day, out of the blue Jeniffer quite her well-paid job in a bank and went to live in the country.

35. over the top - в большей степени чем обычно ожидается или принято

She went a little over the top in decorating her house for Christmas.

36. to be down in the dumps - быть расстроенным, несчастным

She is down in the dumps after her cat died a week ago.

37. on second thought - если подумать еще раз, с другой стороны

Well I think I'd go there with you, well, on the second thought I'd  rather stay at home and watch TV.

He loves her. He bought her an expensive car without a second thought.

38. a lost cause - бесполезное, бессмысленное заняти

For years I had tried to find my lost brother and at some point I told myself the search was a lost cause.

He is a lost cause he will never become anything but what he is now.

39. the bottom line - самое важное, основное

The bottom line is that she is not going to help us even for a lot of money and without her help we won't be able to finish the project.

40. think outside the box - нестандартно мыслить

If you want to find a good solution to your problems you have to start thinking outside the box.

41. safe and sound - живой и здоровый

The trip was pretty difficult but I came back safe and sound.

42. save something for a rainy day - откладывать на черный день

She bought two chocolates. One she ate with her tea and kept the other for a rainy day.

43. second to none - лучше всех

Everybody knows I am a great teacher - second to none.

44. small hours - за полночь

We worked into small hours to find the solution which suited everybody.

45. speak one's mind - говорить что думаешь

She speaks her mind and tells some truths some can't handle.

46. stand a chance - иметь шанс

You don't stand a chance against him. He is much better trained and much better prepared.

47. swallow/fall hook, line and sinker - сразу и безоговорочно поверить чему-то

She swallowed his promises to make her rich hook, line and sinker without giving them a second thought.

48. throw a party - устроить вечеринку

Jenny is throwing a party at the weekend.

49. tie the know - пожениться

After six years of living together they finally decided to tie the knot.

50. to the letter - буквально, как написано

I carried his orders to the letter.

51. keep a straight face - не подавать вида, сохранять нормальное выражение лица

I tried to keep a straight face when I heard her say this but inside I'm laughing.

52. keep body and soul together - зарабатывать достаточно, чтобы жить

How she keeps body and sould together with three kids and low-paid job I cannot understand.

53. kick up a fuss - поднять шум

It was only when I kicked up a fuss, that they agreed that they will rise my salary to keep up with inflation.

54. know the tricks of the trade - знать что-то очень хорошо, знать секреты мастерства

In the TV show two professional photographers revealed the tricks of the trade to those who came.

55. last-ditch effort - последнее, отчаянное усилие или попытка

It was his last ditch effort to save his marriage, but he miserably failed.

 56. let the chance slip by - упустить возможность, шанс

As you are getting older your chances to learn English are slipping away.

57. leave well alone - оставить так как есть

I think the design is good enough why don't we leave well alone?

58. out of the blue - внезапно, неожиданно

Everybody though she had given up the idea of finding a husband when out of the blue she married George.

59. look the other way - игнорировать

They have had the problems with money for quite a while but she prefers to look the other way which will not do any good.

60. fly off the handle - потерыть контроль над собой, разозлиться

Sorry, there is no excuse for me flying off the handle when we talked two days ago.











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 "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

То колесо смазывают, которое скрипит.

Sex is the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of problems.

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

lead the way — идти во главе, быть впереди, возглавлять

If you know how to get there you will lead the way.